White Fire OG Strain

Weed Delivery Redondo Beach — The White Fire OG strain, which is also known as WiFi OG, is full of grit and grandeur thanks to its well-known genetics and effects that are every bit as remarkable as you might anticipate them to be. White Fire OG is deserving of all the praise because it has an Indica-dominant genetic makeup, aromatic terpenes, and an excellent THC level that can range from around 22 percent to more than that.

What kind of strain is White Fire OG a sativa or an indica?
The White Fire OG strain is a hybrid, yet it displays more traits typical of an indica strain. According to the majority of publications, WiFi OG is approximately sixty percent Indica and forty percent Sativa. This would make sense given that its background is a hybrid that was created by crossing an Indica with another strain. However, the characteristics of this strain can most probably change depending on the supplier, therefore it is imperative that you examine the flower that you buy in great detail before you buy it.

More traits shared by the White Fire OG strain

White Fire OG derives some of its popularity from the fact that both of its parents, Fire OG and The White, were incredibly well-known in their own right. There is some conjecture as to the place of birth of the strain; nevertheless, there is one thing that cannot be disputed: the fact that this powerhouse is now a favorite with smokers and growers alike.

The aroma of the White Fire OG strain is one to be admired. It has a diesel-like quality, a hint of citrus, and an earthy undertone. The buds produced by this strain have a strong aroma, particularly when they have been properly cured to maintain the appropriate level of moisture content.

An intriguing tasting experience can be had with the White Fire OG strain thanks to its top notes of sour citrus and earthy spice, which are followed by a finish that is smoother and more pleasant thanks to the presence of sweetness and mellow herbs. Be cautioned that certain White Fire OG flower can strike very powerfully with pepper on the back of the throat, which means that you may experience a little bit more of a hit and a more pressing want to cough than you normally would.

White Fire OG from Terpenes is a very herbal smoke, but it also has overtones of citrus and gassy sweetness to it. This is a strong indication that you are feeling a blend of myrcene, which is the predominant terpene in Wifi OG, as well as caryophyllene and limonene to smooth things out. Pinene is a terpene that is present in lower concentrations than other terpenes, but its notes can be detected in the aromatics and flavor to some extent.

Effects How will the White Fire OG strain affect my mental and physical state?
White Fire OG is a strain that is quite popular among those who use cannabis for medical purposes since it is rumored to be beneficial for a variety of conditions, including chronic fatigue, pain, ADHD, and even depression. The high proportion of Indica genes in this strain makes her extremely soothing, but at the same time, the buzz she produces is energizing, uplifting, and bubbly, and it helps promote creative focus. When grown properly, the White Fire OG strain has the potential to produce significant levels of THC, making it one of the most potent strains available. Because of this, newbie users shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket with this strain.

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Whatever you choose, practice safe and responsible usage. Get in touch with Local Weed Delivery USA today for your supply.

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