Shatter and Wax

Concentrated cannabis is the way to go if you care more about potency than terpenes. Concentrates have quickly become some of the most popular cannabis products, and for good reason: you get more for your money. Shatter and wax are two of the most popular concentrates at most dispensaries. Where do they differ? Here’s a reason why.

What does it mean to shatter?
Shatter is one of the easiest concentrates to spot on a dispensary shelf because it looks different from the others. The concentrate looks a lot like hard candy because it is usually a shiny golden to amber color that is either completely clear or very close to it. Shatter has a lot of THC in it, up to or more than 80%, which makes it one of the most powerful concentrates you can find.

How Broken Glass is Made
Butane or hydrocarbon solvents are used to separate the valuable cannabinoids from the rest of the plant material. This is how shatter is made. The oily extract that is left is then heated to a high temperature until all that is left is a highly concentrated and potent extract. After the high-temperature process, the extract cools into a sheet of amber glass. Since flammable solvents are used, making shatter is not something you can do on your own.

What’s Wax?
When it comes to cannabis concentrates, wax is also easy to spot, but there are a few other concentrates that look the same. Most wax is a light amber or brown color, about the same color as peanut butter or almond butter. As the name suggests, the texture is waxy, but it is less like the texture of peanut butter and more like the texture of solid coconut oil. Like shatter, wax can have as much as 80% or more THC, which makes it very potent.

How Wax Is Made
Wax is sometimes called “BHO” wax, which stands for “butane hash oil,” because it is also made with solvents like butane. Basically, the THC oil that is extracted from cannabis is heated to a certain temperature and stirred up during the process. This gives the oil its opaque look and waxy texture.

What’s Different About Shatter and Wax?

One big difference between shatter and wax is that shatter is more stable. Because the molecules in shatter are stacked and stuck together tightly, you end up with a stronger concentrate that doesn’t break down as easily. Because of this, shatter is going to last longer than wax. Like live resin, wax may lose its potency much more quickly, is likely to break down when exposed to heat, and isn’t very strong when it comes to long-term storage.

Even a beginner would be able to tell the difference between shatter and wax by how it feels. Shatter is hard like hard candy; wax is, well, waxy. This also makes it a little harder to measure and work with shatter, while wax is easier to break up into small pieces. As an aside, shatter can be heated to make it easier to pull off a small piece.

Usage Methods
A dab rig is basically a bong with a dab nail added so that it can be used to dab concentrates instead of flower. It can be used to dab both shatter and wax. To use the concentrates, you have to heat them to a high temperature and then breathe in the vapors. Shatter and wax are different in that wax is easy to use for twaxing, which is mixing dry herb with a concentrate, but shatter is much harder to use this way. Only get your supply from a legitimate business like Local Weed Delivery USA. We also offer Weed Delivery San Pedro for your convenience.

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