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Weed Delivery Santa Monica — The most obvious application for your AVB is probably going to be edible. Cooking and baking with AVB is a terrific way to obtain more value from your flowers, and it will mask the flavor of “burnt” that may be left after the flowers have been cooked.

Search online for recipes that can be eaten. and only get your supply from legitimate companies. There are a large number of them, and they range from the conventional weed brownies to more sophisticated cuisine like herb salmon. The wonderful thing about utilizing bud that has already been vaped for cooking and baking is that because it has been vaped and is consequently decarboxylated, it is already ready to use. This is a huge time saver (compared to grinding fresh flowers, which will need to be decarboxylated before cooking). Because it won’t be feasible to determine the exact strength of the finished dish, always begin with a lesser dosage when cooking with cannabis. You are never limited to just one piece of brownie!

If the thought of munching on your AVB appeals to you, but the extent of your culinary expertise is limited to ordering Uber Eats, you can easily incorporate it into your favorite snacks and meals by using it as a topper or garnish instead. If you just can’t bear the taste of that distinctive flavor, water curing is a method that will remove that ‘weed’ taste from the cannabis. But if you don’t want to bother, you can match your AVB with strong flavors like peanut butter, Nutella, barbecue sauce, spicy sauce, and other similar condiments.

As was said before, AVB does not require any further steps to become decarboxylated and can therefore be added to any and all meals and beverages, even your cup of coffee or tea in the morning. When making coffee, you need only sprinkle some of the previously vaporized cannabis on top of the grounds as the coffee is being brewed. After that, you can cover up the taste of the burnt AVB by adding a flavored cream, such as hazelnut or Irish Cream, or some butter (or even canna butter, if you’re a total nutcase).

To make tea, combine your AVB with the tea leaves, then let it steep. You can hide the flavor of the AVB more effectively by drinking teas with a higher caffeine content, or by adding additional honey or another sweetener. Because cannabinoids form bonds with fat, dairy products like milk and cream are always a good choice in this scenario.

The recycling of AVB through the use of infused coconut oil is an unusual but efficient method. Because of its high fat content, which cannabinoids quickly bond to, coconut oil makes for an excellent carrier for cannabinoids. The only thing left for you to do is place your AVB and coconut oil in a slow cooker, set it to a low heat setting, and let it cook for a few hours. Make sure to stir your mixture at regular intervals to prevent it from burning. After it is finished, allow it to cool before using cheesecloth to separate the oil from the AVB. You should keep your infused coconut oil in a location that is cold and dark.

You don’t want to consume it, you don’t want to use it in brewing, and you believe that coconut oil is a form of witchcraft. However, you have a bong and a lighter in your possession. You feel the need to light up that AVB once more, don’t you? If you don’t mind your pals passing quick judgment on you, you technically have the ability to do so.

It will not have the same effect on you as a fresh flower would, and it will be difficult for your lungs to smoke. Therefore, you should save smoking AVB for your very last, most desperate option. Oh, and the flavor will most likely be comparable to that of freshly filtered bong water or the interior of your sneaker. However, this is a far better option than simply throwing away the cannabis that you have already vaped, right?

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