Mold in Your Weeds

It is usually a good idea to carefully inspect your weed before you smoke it. This is especially crucial if your weed has been stashed away for a couple of months; even if you have stored it correctly, there is still a possibility that the organic material has grown mold spores.

If you find mold on your pot, it is in your best interest to throw it away and find something else to smoke. Instead, you should just admit defeat and throw away the entire batch. It may be tempting to cut off the pieces of mold and utilize the portions that appear to be unaffected; however, the problem is that mold spores spray in all directions, which means there is a good risk that the batch cannot be used.

Take out your weed and study it; you may use your naked eye to look at the cannabis trichomes attentively, or you can use a magnifying glass to get very up up and personal with them. If you have cannabis that is healthy, the surface of the trichomes, which are microscopic hairs that shoot out from the epidermis of the plant, should glisten and sparkle. If, on the other hand, the surface is powdery and gray, you most likely have mold. It is easy, if you are not an experienced botanist, to mistake this grayish white coating as being a part of cannabis plants or even an indication of quality. On the other hand, mold can be dangerous, as we will explain in the following paragraphs.

Again, resist the urge to trim away the discolored areas and moldy fragments on the cannabis and smoke it nevertheless; there is a good probability that it will not taste or smell the way you anticipate it will. Even in the best case scenario, you will still feel its effects, but neither the taste nor the smell of it will be particularly pleasant. It is possible that you could get a severe allergic reaction as a result, which could need you to seek medical attention.

Following the completion of the visual inspection of the cannabis, it is time to give it a whiff to determine its quality. If you believe that the gray or white surface of the cannabis plant is an indication of its quality, the smell test should persuade you otherwise. Weed that has been affected by mold has a very unpleasant aroma, an aroma that is distinguishable from the typical skunky or sharp tones of cannabis. There is a musty hay scent or the pungent smell of urea instead of the lovely aroma of fresh, healthy pot. This is not something you would want to smoke because it does not smell like fresh, healthy weed. Having said that, there are certain consumers of cannabis who would continue to use their product even if it gives them the slightest impression of being tainted.

If you combine the tests for sight and smell, you should have enough information at this point to establish whether or not the batch of weed in question is tainted and needs to be thrown away.
If you smoke weed that has been tainted in any way, you will at best have a negative experience and at worst endanger your health. Proper storage can and will go a long way toward extending the expiration date of practically any cannabis product and helping to avoid fungal infection. Proper storage will also go a long way toward preventing fungal infection.

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