Indica Strains and FAQs

California Dream is a strong strain that is known for having a lot of THC and CBD in it. It is grown as both a pure indica and a hybrid that is mostly indica. The plants grow quickly and make big buds with a lot of resin. After 9 weeks, they bloom. Experts recommend California Dream for medical use because it makes people feel calm, but people also use it for fun. It is said that the high CBD content gives a euphoric high and relaxes the whole body.

Bubba Kush
In New Orleans, two other plants on this list, Northern Lights and O.G. Kush, were crossed to make this pure indica strain. It has dense plants with tight, light-colored buds that are sticky. When it’s grown right, it has white trichomes on its leaves and flowers that make you feel calm when you smoke them. Bubba Kush is an indica strain that smells very skunky and is said to produce a relaxing high, tiredness, and an increased appetite.

Girl Scouts sell cookies.
Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain that was made by crossing Durban Poison and OG Kush. It is another of the most popular indica strains. Girl Scout Cookies plants only need 9 to 10 weeks to bloom. Their green and purple buds have small orange hairs on them. This strain has a high amount of THC, which makes it a popular choice for medical marijuana patients. It can also be used for fun. It has become so famous that people talk about it as if it were a legend, and it has even won awards, including multiple Cannabis Cups.

What are the most potent indica strains?
Purple Kush, which has a THC level of 27%, is one of the strongest indica strains. Users say that after smoking this peppery-tasting strain, they feel energized and relaxed all over.

Other strong indica strains are California Dream and Granddaddy Purple, which have THC levels of about 23% and 21%, respectively, and Strawberry Banana, which has a maximum THC level of 26%. Both of these plants have resin-covered buds that make you feel even better. If you want a strong indica high, you can’t do better than these popular strains.

What’s the best indica?
Even though your level of enjoyment depends on what you like, not all types of weed are the same. There are a few heavy indica strains that we think stand out from the rest, depending on what you want to do with them:

For a calm, happy high
You can’t go wrong with Bubba Kush if you want to relax at the end of the day with marijuana. Its white trichomes are known to have calming effects, so you’ll be sinking into the couch in no time.

For a lively buzz
If you want the opposite effect—a high that gives you energy and acts as a pick-me-up—you should choose a high-THC strain. Strawberry Banana and Purple Kush are the strongest indica strains you can get.

Use in Medicine
There is no one strain that is best for medical use because medical marijuana can be used to treat many different health problems, from anxiety to chronic pain. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most commonly used indica strains for medical purposes. People often say that its high level of THC can help with nausea and loss of appetite, as well as give you a euphoric head buzz and relax your whole body. It is also enjoyable to smoke because of its sweet taste. Only get your supply from a legitimate business like Local Weed Delivery USA. We also offer Weed Delivery Playa Del Rey for your convenience.

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