CBD Products for Diabetic People

Marijuana Weed Delivery Los Angeles — The illness not only has a severe impact on those who have been diagnosed with it. The cost of treating the disease is increasingly taxing both individuals and the American healthcare system. The American Diabetes Association estimates that the entire cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2017 was $327 billion, of which $90 billion was attributable to lost productivity. Amazingly, patients with diabetes accounted for one in every four dollars spent on health care in the United States.

Diabetes is fatal, crippling, and expensive. There is an urgent need for treatments that can aid in illness prevention and address the wide range of symptoms without incurring the exorbitant expenditures connected with the U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Phoenix Life Sciences International (PLSI), an adaptive healthcare solutions company looking to build a global platform for the reintroduction of plant-based pharmaceuticals, including medical cannabis products, into the mainstream of healthcare, is leading the charge in developing cannabis-based treatments for people with diabetes. In order to target and treat conditions like diabetes, pain, cancer, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, neurological, and sleep problems, PLSI is conducting new product research.

At MJ Biz Con last month, I had a meeting with Martin Tindall, the CEO and creator of PSLI. His wife and a large portion of her family are diabetic, therefore the fight to treat and cure the disease is personal to him. Tindall created a drug for the treatment of diabetes after observing the effects of CBD and THC on the blood sugar levels of his own brother-in-law.

Tindall informed me, “The possibility of using cannabis to treat diabetes allows us to build ‘progressive pharma’ solutions. Diabetes is the type of illness that is conducive to constant testing since blood levels can be checked every day, according to Tindall, unlike cancer, which is treated with CBD over longer cycles.

Col. Philip Blair, M.D. was designated by PLSI as the Diabetes Director of the Medical Advisory Council under this charter. Since 2014, Dr. Blair, a West Point and University of Miami School of Medicine alumnus, has been researching, treating, and lecturing on the human body’s endocannabinoid system and the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

In addition to appointing Dr. Blair as director of diabetes, PLSI recently got approval to import its novel cannabis-based diabetic medication into the Republic of Vanuatu, a tiny island nation in the South Pacific, where 13 percent of its 265,000 citizens have the disease. The Republic of Vanuatu’s national healthcare system is overburdened by the expense of treating the illness, just like the United States.

With the approval, PLSI is on track to start the drug’s first 1,000 patients’ clinical studies. PLSI wants to make life better for islanders who have diabetes while lowering the expense of treating the condition. People with diabetes in the U.S. can only hope that the medicine can start the arduous trip through the FDA approval procedure if the Vanuatu trials are successful.

In the end, cannabis’ effectiveness as a diabetes treatment may not depend solely on the plant itself. All medical acceptability and therapy utilization ultimately come down to cost. It works everywhere else if you can save the insurance money, said Tindall. Local Weed Delivery USA is always here to help and remind us to practice responsible and safe usage. Be in touch today.

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