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Weed Delivery Manhattan Beach — Nausea and vomiting are potential side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. Antiemetics are typically the medication of choice for treating chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) among medical professionals. An previous study indicated that the addition of a combination of THC and CBD to traditional antiemetic medication gave superior protection against delayed CINV. This was compared to the treatment receiving a placebo.

A study that was conducted in 2018 on rats found that administration of CBD to the animals prevented an increase in serotonin levels in the interoceptive insular cortex (IIC) of the rats after the rats were injected with a chemical substance that caused nausea. The area of the brain in humans known as the IIC is the part of the brain that is accountable for nausea. According to these findings, there is a possibility that CBD might be used by scientists to produce antinausea therapies for those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Additionally, CBD oil may assist in the treatment of substance use disorder.
A person’s brain and behavior are both impacted by substance use disorder, which can leave them unable to exercise self-control over their consumption of drugs and medications, whether they are legal or illicit. According to the findings of a systematic review published in 2015, cannabidiol (CBD) may modulate the stress response and compulsive behaviors, as well as alter brain circuits that are involved in addiction and drug-seeking behaviors. A review of studies conducted on animals and humans suggested that cannabidiol (CBD) might be useful in treating addiction to opioids and psychostimulants, in addition to having potential benefits for people who are dependent on nicotine and cannabis.

In 2018, researchers examined the effects of CBD on rats to see whether or not it stopped rodents from returning to drug usage. CBD was found to lessen relapse, which was caused by drug and stress signals, as well as decrease anxiety and impulsivity, according to the findings of the research. In addition, the rate of recurrence remained lower 5 months after the conclusion of the investigation. People who struggle with heroin use disorder may benefit from CBD, according to the findings of a 2019 study that used a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled design.

CBD was found to be more effective than a placebo at reducing anxiety and cravings for heroin in heroin-addicted individuals who had just stopped using drugs. The physiological effects of CBD included a slowing of the heart rate and a reduction in salivary cortisol levels. These effects were also seen by the researchers one week after the initial observation, which lends credence to the idea that the findings are long-lasting.

In order to further study the potential benefits of CBD for treating substance use disorders, researchers will need to carry out additional studies. Cannabinoids may help decrease additional side effects of chemotherapy, such as discomfort, lack of appetite, and organ toxicity, according to an article that was published in the journal Future Oncology in 2019. Studies exploring CBD’s effectiveness as an anti nausea medicine are still in their infancy, and scientists need to conduct additional studies before they can definitively state if CBD mitigates the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Treatment for PTSD
CBD, when used in conjunction with traditional psychiatric treatment, has been proven in studies to be effective in reducing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One recent study in particular discovered that individuals experienced less problems sleeping and fewer nightmares after taking the supplement. During the course of the trial, none of the subjects reported experiencing any adverse effects while using CBD.

However, the researchers stressed that a great deal more research needs to be carried out before there can be any definitive evidence.

In animal models, several research have shown antidepressant effect after CBD was administered, according to a review published in 2018. Researchers believe that CBD demonstrates a clear anti-stress impact after either short- or long-term usage, and in certain experiments, CBD performed as an antidepressant. Researchers also state that CBD demonstrates an anti-anxiety effect. Having said that, before researchers can come to any kind of conclusive conclusion, testing needs to be done on humans. But most of all, consult with your doctor and just contact Local Weed Delivery USA or your needed supply.

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