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Weed Delivery Santa Monica — It’s possible that old-school smokers will always choose to light up their cannabis rather than vape it, but there has been a significant increase in the number of cannabis consumers who choose to vape their bud. When you vape marijuana, instead of inhaling smoke, you take in the vapors that are produced when the bud is heated in a vaporizer to the point where it vaporizes. Vaping produces a more flavorful and potent high than smoking. Convenience, the absence of combustion, and a lower profile are just a few of the benefits that come from this alone. After the marijuana has been vaporized, you are left with something known as Already Vaped Bud (AVB). Only get your supply from legitimate companies.

What precisely is the AVB?
Already Vaped Bud, also known as AVB, is the cannabis residue that is left over after using a dry herb vaporizer. The acronym AVB stands for Already Vaped Bud. It is important to remember that AVB can also be referred to as ABV (Already Been Vaped). These two phrases are commonly interchanged with one another.

Methods for the Recycling of Vaped Marijuana
Why throw away even a single cannabinoid if you don’t have to if you can help it? Quality cannabis is not inexpensive. Grab yourself a jar that has a lid and start storing your AVB grams so that you may use them in one of the creative ways that we’ve suggested using them.
Methods for the Recycling of Vaped Marijuana

1. Think about using vaporized cannabis in your meals.
It turns out that AVB edibles are quite popular. By following the steps in this quick guide from 420 Vape Zone, you can truly create your very own AVB butter. Naturally, the canna butter can be incorporated into the preparation of a wide variety of baked goods. It is important to keep in mind that AVB can also be cured with water by steeping it in water in order to extract harsh flavors. You might also think about producing everything from AVB honey to ketchup in your own kitchen. Because it has been cooked, AVB marijuana does not require any more processes for the activation of its THC content because it has already through the decarboxylation process.

2. Brew some tea made with AVB cannabis.
You can brew your own AVB tea if you want a tea that has a little something extra added to it. Put a little bit of the AVB into a piece of cheesecloth, and then let it steep in some boiling water for a while. After steeping, you can take the edge off of any bitterness by adding a touch of sugar or some fresh honey.

3. Concoct your very own tincture using AVB.
The residual cannabinoids can be extracted from the AVB by first soaking it in grain alcohol that has a high proof. Because of this, you should have no trouble using the vaporized cannabis to create your own tinctures. If you use AVB instead of fresh cannabis to prepare a tincture, the process is much simpler and you won’t even need to decarb the cannabis.

More ideas for AVB:
-You can make your own RSO oil or topical if you like.
-Infuse some coconut oil
-Put the AVB into little capsules.
-Mix up some AVB with your ice cream shake.

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