About Cannabis Concentrates

With names like “budder, “shatter,” “wax,” and “resin,” someone who doesn’t know much about cannabis concentrates could get very confused. Because a “little” can go a long way, these high-potency cannabis products are quickly becoming the most popular way to use cannabis. What, exactly, are cannabis concentrates?

Trichomes are tiny, mushroom-shaped, hair-like molecules that cover cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are made by these branches that grow around the marijuana flower as it opens. You can collect different kinds of trichomes. Cannabis concentrates are the products that come out of this process. They can have very high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the psychoactive part of marijuana. Using a vape pen or a technique called “dabbing,” you can vaporize and inhale these THC-rich marijuana products.

Bubble Hash and Hash
Hash is made by pressing and manipulating the buds of cannabis to get the sticky trichomes. You end up with something that looks like sticky powder that has been pressed. Bubble hash, on the other hand, is made by pulling the sticky trichomes off the plant with ice water. The result is a loose group of trichomes that look like brown sugar and are full of bubbles. Most of the time, a dab rig is used to smoke or vape both types of hash.

Distillate is thick like honey and is made by taking a step further with resin or rosin to make a more refined product. You may also hear THC oil used to talk about distillate. Distillate is very strong, and you may only need a fraction of a drop of a good product to get high. Most distillates are used with an e-rig or dab nail, but they can also be used in vape pens or added to a cartridge.

Sauce is a sticky, syrup-like cannabis extract that is also called “terp sauce,” “THC sauce,” and even “diamonds.” It is made by mixing the terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain (THCA, in particular). Depending on the cannabinoid profile and the stage of extraction, sauce can also have crystalline structures of THCa. This is how it got its nickname, “Diamonds.”

Sugar and Crumble
Crumble looks like small clumps of sugar, but it is dry and easy to work with. In fact, crumble is probably the driest form of cannabis concentrate, which makes it perfect for sprinkling on a joint that has already been rolled. A rig or dab set-up can also be used to vaporize crumble. Cannabis sugar is like crumble, but it is a little bit wet, so a vaporizer is the best way to use it.

Tinctures are made by mixing concentrated cannabis extracts with solutions that act as a carrier. Unlike pure distillate or THC oil, tinctures tend to be less potent but just as useful. They can be taken by mouth or put under the tongue.

How to Keep Concentrates of Marijuana
Also, only get your supply from legitimate companies. Most of them offer Weed Delivery Encino services for your convenience. Concentrates of cannabis can be very sensitive to changes in temperature and even to light or oxygen. So, you should keep almost any concentrate you find in a cool or temperature-controlled place, out of direct sunlight, and in an airtight container. Want a good assortment of cannabis concentrates? Check out our menus at Local Weed Delivery USA to see a wide range of some of the best weed concentrates on the market.

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